So you’re ready to join the exciting world of CART Captioning and Text Interpreting? We are very excited and honored that you’ve chosen our family of companies with which to share your skill . There are some steps that will need to be taken to join our talented team of independent contractors. The process begins with answering a couple of questions and uploading your current resume and certification documents.

Once those questions have been answered and your documents have been uploaded, you will be taken to an application form which needs to be completed. After that application form is submitted, you will be contacted by one of our staff members within two business days who will schedule an evaluation for you. A handbook will also be disseminated at that time. The handbook is your reference guide to how our family of companies operates .

The evaluation itself consists of a 10-minute educational lecture that you will write to StreamText. You will need to be familiar with StreamText. If you are not, please contact Nick Wilke of StreamText who will walk you through the necessary steps needed to send text using that platform.

Upon completion of the 10-minute evaluation, we will ask you to do a rough edit of the realtime session and submit it to the staff member that emailed you. We will provide feedback and let you know what the next steps will be.

Thank you, again, for your interest in working with us. We know that once you become part of our team, you will see why we are the alternative!

Below is the information you will need to complete to start this process.

  1. You need to be a graduate or hold a certificate of completion from an institution or agency who taught you the text skills you have.
  2. You will need a current resume and certification documents to upload.
  3. You need to be familiar with StreamText. Contact Nick at StreamText for more details.

If you have these pieces, let's get started.

Proceed with Application.